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How to Use Our Products

How to Use a Chest Binder

Binders are designed to flatten and reduce the appearance of breasts while wearing clothing and can be an important addition to your wardrobe. It seems counterintuitive, but to fit properly and wear comfortably once put on, push the breasts up toward the neck, not down toward the belly. 

The larger the breasts, the less they will “flatten”, however the binder will conceal by distributing the tissue evenly across the chest. Please know that binders will not hide breast tissue completely.

Binders are not designed to be worn as items of clothing but as undergarments. Unless you have a very small chest to begin with you will probably not be able to wear a binder as an outwear item.

How to Use Tucking Underwear

For maximum effect, pull the appendage back towards the buttocks, place the undies on so that it is pulled up tightly and is holding the appendage securely. Then, take the lace-covered strap and attach it to the hook-and-loop material fastener on the back side of the undies. Pull the strap through the legs and attach to the front hook-and-loop material fastener for a fully flattened effect.

Please note: the hook-and-loop material fastener can catch on the lace which will impact both the lifespan of the fastener and the lace. To avoid this, please attach the two ends of hook-and-loop material fastener to each other when storing the product.
*GenderwearSA fully guarantees the quality of our products.

There is a 30 day return/exchange policy for manufacturing defects 
as long as the product was worn as instructed based on your correct size. 
Refunds will not be issued if smaller sizes than recommended were ordered.

By ordering a size smaller than needed in the hope of concealing more, 
you are ensuring that the fabric will not hold up and tearing and stretching will occur.

Unfortunately, due to the type of product, tucking underwear is non-returnable.

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