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Welcome to Genderwear SA

Welcome hes, shes, theys, eithers and neithers!

Genderwear's goal is to create affordable gender-affirming garments with locally sourced materials and labour. Our products have been "pridely" designed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa since 2018.

Our products are known for their comfort and high-quality materials, design, and construction. And, of course, will help you move through the world with confidence! At Genderwear, we recognise that having your gender identity affirmed is of the utmost importance to your wellbeing! This is why we strive to deliver only the best quality products. Have a look around. If you don’t see what you need, connect with us and let us know.

We don’t just sell garments. We sell dignity.

Photo Credits: Connor Goosen

The new owner of Genderwear South Africa, Mx Mel Laubscher (they/them), is a transmasculine non-binary individual who started their transition in late 2022 through Hormone Replacement Therapy. Like many of our customers, Mel has found garment shopping an anxiety- and dysphoria-provoking experience due to the lack of consideration for transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer individuals in the greater fashion industry. This is why Mel, with love and passion, strives to create not only comfortable and well-fitting garments, but to aid in combatting the negative experiences transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer folk face when shopping for garments. 

Due to a long reckoning with their identity, Mel has struggled to find their queer family and advocate for their community. Upon purchasing two binders from Genderwear in early 2024, the opportunity arose to purchase the business, as well as the opportunity to connect with the LGBTQIA+ community through providing these products. As the new owner of Genderwear, Mel’s goal is to serve members of the community and provide others like them with the affirmation they’ve received from wearing a binder, and to be an advocate for trans rights, visibility, and affirmation. 

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