The History of Pride

29 February 2024

With the Cape Town Pride march coming up this Saturday, 2nd of March, is there a better time but right now to talk about the history of Pride?

First off, what is Pride all about?

Pride is to show how far the LGBTQIA+ community has come and the rights they have earned. It’s all about the celebration of love and friendship, as well as what still needs to be done for the community. The first Pride marches were held in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, but over the years, it has spread and been celebrated worldwide.

Pride is celebrated every year in June, because June is when the Stonewall uprising took place in the United States in 1969. It’s to remind us of the six days of protests for the fight for gay rights. Pride continues to honour those who fought for us, and we continue to fight every day for our community.

In South Africa, the first Pride march was held in Johannesburg, 1990. Around 800 people marched through the streets, but today, we see more and more people supporting and celebrating with their loved ones.

We hope you have a wonderful day at the Pride march, and don’t forget to walk pridely in your GenderWearSA chest binder!

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