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GenderwearSA Sizing guideline
Bodies come in many shapes and sizes, which makes sizing a bit tricky when it 
comes to an item of clothing that’s purpose is meant to hide that shape. Because 
all mediums are not created the same and because of the features of binders it 
is important to know how they are meant to work.

Binders are designed to flatten and reduce the appearance of breasts while 
wearing clothing and can be an important addition to your wardrobe. Worn 
properly, they are validating for self- esteem, help to reduce gender dysphoria 
and allow transgender, non-binary and gender fluid folks to present themselves comfortably to the world.

It seems counterintuitive but to fit properly and wear comfortably, once put on, 
push the breasts up towards the neck, not down toward the belly. The larger the 
breasts, the less they will “flatten”, however the binder will conceal by distributing
the tissue evenly across the chest. But please know that binders will not hide 
breast tissue completely.

Binders are not designed to be worn as items of clothing but as undergarments.

Unless you have a very small chest to begin with you will probably not be able to wear a binder as an outwear item.
*We cannot stress enough the importance 
of choosing the correct size binder and wearing
 it properly. We strongly urge you to follow 
your measurements and not to order a size smaller. In general, if worn daily, binders should only be worn for up to 8 hours.
If chest binders are worn longer than recommended on a regular basis, breathing problems can develop as well as chronic pain 
in the chest and back.

According to Dr. Kevin Adams, a leading Cape Town plastic surgeon specializing in transgender surgeries, serious damage to breast tissue can occur if not worn correctly, which could make breast removal problematic in future due to increased skin stretch and tissue damage.

How to measure for an order:

In order to determine your size correctly please use a cloth tape when taking measurements.
Ensure your fingers are not between the tape and the skin.
Pull the tape taut but without puckering the skin.
Measure accurately! Even 1 cm can make a difference so be as precise as possible.
If your dysphoria allows you, it is often easier to have a loved one help you.
1. We would like you to take three measurements.
GenderwearSA Sizing
The top measurement (a) is fully around the chest just under the armpits
GenderwearSA Sizing
The middle measurement (b) is fully around the chest over the breasts
GenderwearSA Sizing
The bottom measurement (c) is just under the breasts at the bottom of the rib cage fully around the body.
2. Take these three measurements add them together and divide by 3 to get your size.

Measurement guideline

Binder measurements

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