Safety Instructions on Tucking Underwear

19 June 2024

We are beyond happy and excited to finally be offering Tucking Underwear at GenderWear SA, but do you know how they work and the safety instructions?

Our Tucking Underwear is designed to be worn as an undergarment and can conceal and hide any bulging. At GenderWear SA, we prioritise comfortability and fit over style and fashion.

Safety Instructions:

  • Do not overtighten
  • Do not sleep in Tucking Underwear
  • Do not wear for longer than 8 hours
  • If you experience any pain, adjust to a looser strap until comfortable
  • Rinse Tucking Underwear directly after swimming
  • Remove Tucking Strap before washing
  • Do not tumble dry Tucking Underwear
  • When trying on Tucking Underwear, use the loosest Tucking Strap fitting, then tighten for comfort

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