LGBTQ Resources around South Africa
Parents of Fabulous Kids
A WhatsApp group offering compassionate support and guidance for parents of gender diverse children.

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Having been established in 2005, Gender DynamiX (GDX) is the first registered Africa-based public benefit organisation to focus solely on trans and gender diverse communities. What started as a mere vision, slowly grew into a grassroots organisation. GDX has since become an institutionalised non-profit organisation (NPO) that is fundamental to the development of the trans and gender diverse movement(s) in South Africa and across southern Africa.
Academy of Plastic Surgery, 310 Library Square, Wilderness Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7780, ZA
+27 (0) 21 671 0942
Triangle project
Challenging homophobia, transphobia and intersexphobia. Appreciating sexual, gender and bodily diversity.

HELPLINE: 021 712 6699
021 439 6060
403 Medical Centre, 1 Kloof road, Seapoint


FormsPal is a dedicated organization that works to better support our communities and every individual regardless of their gender, age, nationality, or religion by providing high-quality free legal templates and information online.
This is a space for sharing; sharing your truth, whatever that may be. A space of kindness, and trust, laughter and tears. We believe in authenticity – choosing to live and love freely. We hope that this is a space in which you never feel alone.

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