Queer Series to Watch This Holiday

10 November 2023

Is it just me or are you also a bit bored of what’s showing now a day? If you’re in desperate need of a new series to binge, here’s the perfect list for you:

  • I Am Not Okay With This; 2020

One of my absolute favourites – this coming-of-age drama shows how a young teenager has to deal with the struggles of high school, friends and family, and her sexuality while also dealing with her new superpowers (based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman). If you also love everything that has to do with superpowers with a queer twist to it – this series is just for you.

    • The Sex Lives of College Girls; 2021

    This is easily a binge-worthy series that you won’t want to stop watching. Four sexually active college roommates navigate their lives at Essex College in Vermont. It’s all about love, sex, partying and being there for your friends. This beauty of a show has blessed us with two amazing seasons and we’re all desperately waiting for more.

    • Ratched; 2020

    If you also love horror shows, you’re going to love this. A nurse at mental health rehab develops a hardened and resentful demeanour before turning into a monster who terrorizes her patients. From the creator of American Horror Story, this is definitely a good watch.

    • Trinkets; 2019

    A troubled and depressed teenager moves to a new town, and struggles to find friends. She unexpectedly connects with two classmates at her high school because they all have one thing in common – shoplifting. This series had me in all my emotions – laughing one minute and crying the next. The characters are very relatable which makes this show even better to binge.

    • The Politician; 2019

    Another brilliant show by the creator of American Horror Story, this series is all about what you have to do to get to the top. At a wealthy high school, Payton wants to become the president of the United States. But in order to do that, he first needs to become student body president by winning over his fellow classmates who aren’t the fondest of him. I absolutely loved this show – such a great cast and soundtrack, whilst falling in love with each character.

    Let us know which is your favourite!

    P.S. Find a friend or a special someone to curl up with for a weekend to binge these shows – it makes the watch way more fun!

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