Short Chest Binder

Colours Available: Espresso Black, 
Flat White, Mocha Brown and Latte
XS - XXXL - R275
Our Short binder is perfect for summer days. It reaches the bottom of the rib cage so is a great choice when you want to exercise or are wearing shorter tops.

The shell is made from a poly/spandex fabric with a 100% cotton twill compression panel.

Be aware that binders will not hide breast tissue completely. The larger the breasts, the less they will “flatten”, however, the binder will conceal by distributing the tissue evenly across the chest.

Binders are not designed to be worn as items of clothing but as undergarments. Unless you have a very small chest to begin with you will probably not be able to wear a binder as an outwear item.

**LARGER SIZES: Sizes that exceed our size limit are considered a bespoke item and a quote will be provided on request.

**FABRIC: Due to availability of fabric, colours may vary slightly.
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