Merry Queer Christmas!

12 December 2023

To say thank you for an amazing year, we’re offering a sale! Buy one, get the second one half off! This applies to all of our chest binders – any size, style and colour. We’ve had a great year thanks to all of you, so this is our little way of giving back.

Why give a chest binder as a Christmas present?

Many trans and queer people are often afraid to purchase chest binders as they haven’t expressed that side of them to their friends and family yet. They don’t want to “out” themselves by having a chest binder appear in their letterbox that a parent could find.

Some people may also not be able to afford a chest binder. Due to the materials used and delivery costs, it can become quite costly to people. This is also why we are offering this discount – buy one, get the second one half off! There are many queer people around that would highly appreciate a chest binder as a gift (I know I would!).

Since the new year is almost here, we’re so excited for what’s to come and what we’ll be sharing. If you would like to see something specific or more of what we do, please let us know by emailing us at or feel free to DM us on Instagram (@genderwearsa)!

Happy holidays and we hope the Christmas season brings happiness and joy to you and your family!

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