Frequently Asked Questions


How do you ship, what is the cost and how long does it take?

Once proof of payment is received, we ship out on the following Monday.

We currently ship one of three ways.

  • Within Cape Town and surrounds: Citi-Sprint door-to-door, R110, 1-2 business days
  • SA Urban areas: The Courier Guy door-to-door, R130, 2-5 business days
  • SA Rural areas: The Courier Guy door-to-door, To Be Quoted
  • For more discreet delivery we offer Postnet to Postnet throughout South Africa which will ensure you can pick up your parcel privately. R110, 1-5 business days.
  • If you live in the Cape Town area, you may visit our office for a personal fitting. Contact us to arrange a time for a fitting and purchase of products onsite.
  • We are pleased to announce that we are now offering international shipping. Please contact Genderwear for a quote before placing your order.

What if my package doesn’t arrive by the estimated date?

We will provide you with a tracking number on the day of shipping and you may track it online or phone the courier company handling your shipment.  If you do not get a satisfactory answer, please use the connect page to let us know and we will follow up.

What if I need to return my purchase?

All products are returnable/exchangeable for any reason, if returned within 30 days.

We would love to be able to genie your item back to us by magic, but the unfortunate part of ordering online is that returns or exchanges are sometimes necessary. Similar to buying something at your local mall, it’s your responsibility to get it back to us so we can help you with a replacement.  However, we understand there are mitigating factors and we strive to limit your expense, after all that’s why we started Genderwear SA.

  • Exchanges for sizing issues: We replace the item and invoice only for the second item to be shipped back to you.
  • Exchanges for quality issues: We replace the item and return the item at our expense, as long as we can determine that the issue is from a manufacturing defect and not from incorrect usage or care, otherwise you will be invoiced for the shipping.
  • Refunds are available for any reason, as long as it is within 30 days of purchase and is dependent on the product being returned to GenderwearSA. Refunds are issued less the original shipping.

Are binders comfortable?

No really, however, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable either. They are tight and feel sort of restrictive but they should not inhibit moving or breathing in any way. Some people enjoy the compression, others feel a bit claustrophobic but generally with regular use, you get used to wearing them.

What are the binders made of?

The outer shell is manufactured with a poly/spandex fabric called scuba and the inner binding panel is 100% cotton twill.  You may find the binding panel a little stiff at first, but with a couple of washings it will soften up.

Should my binder be this hard to put on?

It is a fact of life that binders are really hard to put on. If they were easy to put on, they wouldn’t do the job they are designed to do.  TIP: Once you put the binder over your head and put your arms in the holes, try to get it partially over at least one shoulder, then pull down from the back, rather than the front. This is where the stretch is.  The front binding panel should be pulled down last and then you adjust the breasts by pushing up toward the neck, distributing evenly until the binder is all the way on. It does get easier with practice.

If you cannot get your arms into the binder you might have to consider returning it for a larger size.

Why don’t you use zippers or hook-and-loop material?

Although that would help to make the binders easier to put on and take off, it would also make them less comfortable. Zippers need to be at the side and push into the rib cage. Hook-and-loop material is bulky and would show under clothing. It also wears out after repeated use which would make the binder useless.


At what age can I start binding?

There is no age limit, young or old, for binding, however it is important to have the correct fit.  The purpose of a binder is to allow for confident presentation of your chosen identity and to reduce dysphoria which generally onsets around puberty.  As long as the binder is worn correctly, there should be no irreversible effects and it can be worn safely by anyone.

What size should I order if my measurements fall at the low/high end of the spread?

We recommend that you order the larger of the two sizes.  The large size should work well enough and will be more comfortable while the smaller size might be just too small to wear properly.  It is imperative not to order a size smaller than your measurements indicate. Smaller binders do not work better, but they can cause a lot of discomfort, skin irritation and tissue problems.  For this reason we also strongly suggest you do not double bind or wear a sports bra with a binder.

How long can I wear my binder?

A binder should not be worn for longer than 8 hours.  Binders are a great confidence booster and can be essential part of your identity wardrobe but wearing them for too long can lead to tissue stretching, skin irritation or shoulder aches. Listen to your body, if it starts to complain it’s time to rest the chest! For more information on wearing a binder , please visit the product page.

Can I sleep in my binder?

We do not recommend that you sleep in a binder even for short periods of time.

Can I swim or exercise in my binder?

Binders can be worn in a swimming pool or in the ocean but we recommend that you rinse them in clear, clean water after salt or chlorine exposure. Do not leave your binder out for long periods in the sun as this will reduce the elasticity of the fabric. Exercise is also safe while wearing a binder but we recommend using one size up for comfort and mobility if you gym or do movement work outs like yoga.  If you experience any discomfort or shortness of breath while exercising, we suggest you remove the binder.

Can I machine wash my binder?

Although hand washing will probably extend the life of your product, cold water washing in a machine should not affect the wearability in any way.  We do not recommend hot water washing or tumble drying as this will reduce the elasticity of the fabric

How long will my binder last?

There are many variations that would determine the life of your binder.  How many do you own? If the answer is one and you are wearing it daily and washing it daily it will not last as long as one of 4 or 5 that are rotated throughout the week. Personal hygiene is an individual issue but we recommend washing as often as you would wash a bra or any other underwear item. The more you wear and wash an item, the more stress on the fabric.  Generally, as long as care instructions are followed, a binder should last you about a year, but it will stretch out over time the same as any item of clothing.

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