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  • It fits great...
    Testimonial Jax
  • We are just blown away by what you have done for us.
    My daughter was so excited to receive her binders.
    They fit perfectly. She said this has made her year and even said " I love you Genderwear"

    This morning she actually skipped to her bedroom to get ready for school saying "I have a binder! "

    I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate what you do.
    Thank you GenderWearSA
  • I love both the products and service from Genderwear. I have bought 5 binders from Genderwear and all have lasted a long time, have been very useful and I am happy with them.
  • I’ve ordered 2 binders and the process was absolutely flawless both times. Cara was incredibly helpful and delivery was quick and efficient.
    As for the binders: they are WONDERFUL! They fit perfectly and the quality is great.
    I would absolutely recommend GenderWear to anyone!
  • A huge thank you to Cara and the GenderwearSA team for the exceptional service provided when purchasing my son’s first binder. The binders are of good quality with a comfortable fit which has given my son confidence to walk in public.
    We are forever grateful.
    Naa-Ilah, a Proud trans mom!
  • The products are very high quality stitching and fabric, the kind I would expect if I were to import it from the USA. I've tried a few other methods of binding and these binders are honestly the best I've come across in South Africa and the price is very reasonable. 
    Thank you for a great service.
  • I've found the double tank binders to be very effective - akin to a second skin that has made a significant impact on my chest dysphoria. I've been particularly happy with the wide range of colours. I am incredibly grateful to Genderwear for their donation of binders to Wits University students who cannot access their own. The binder bank programme is the first of its kind at Wits and in the higher education sector, and benefits students almost every month during term time.
    Thanks again!
    Mx Tish Morpheus Geddes
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Wits Disability Rights Unit

  • I can attest to the quality and wonderful opportunities presented by Genderwear in partner with Wits. It’s quite difficult to get binders in South Africa, there’s basically no place to get it in person, and importing them can be expensive and tricky. I’m very grateful for the binder and the care that provided me with the ability to wear one and feel better about myself. The binder I have is still in good shape, and very comfortable. I’ve been adhering to binder rules and so far, there’s no discomfort. Its really great that this is available for students. Also, I find that it binds really well, without being too painful or restricting.
    Again, thank for you for the binder and the care.
  • My experiance with GenderwearSA was a highly positive one. All communication from my end was met with prompt and informative responses and my order arrived quickly and flawlessly. 

    All the positive things I'd heard about GenderwearSA were consistent with my experience and thus I will undoubtly be recommending this business to others.

    All the Best and Thanks Again
  • Although I already liked the 'old' Genderwear binders, I'm super impressed by their new cut, fit and the materials they use. I love the way they fit my body, that they're breathable, that the necklines don't come up too high and, most of all, that they actually flatten my chest! 

    I feel confident and comfortable when I'm wearing my Genderwear binders and I know they're going to last long, cause their construction feels solid. Would 10/10 recommend.

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