Confused with how to put on your binder? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

22 September 2023

Putting on your first chest binder may be overwhelming and scary, but once you get the hang of it, you’ve unlocked an amazing feeling. Here’s a simple step by step of how to put on your binder:

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  1. Place each arm through the armholes
  2. Pull your arms through as far as you can
  3. Pop your head through the neck hole
  4. Slowly pull the hem of binder downwards, while doing it from all angles
  5. Push your breast tissue upwards towards your upper chest while pulling down the binder
  6. Adjust the binder. Move your breasts in a position that feels comfortable, yet compressed.
  7. Move your skin around and balance it out, and make sure you are comfortable. Your chest and shoulders should feel evenly compressed by the binder. You shouldn’t feel like you are being cut or squeezed.

We often find that the higher you push your breast tissue, the more flattened your chest will look. You can do this by putting your hand under the binder, starting at the hem. Slowly push your breasts upwards towards the upper chest.


If it feels a bit funny at first, that’s completely normal. Chest binders can be hard to put on and take off and take some time to get used to it. If you have a trusty friend nearby, ask for help! I definitely did! If your binder makes audible tearing noises, stop immediately. You could rip your binder and damage the compression material.

When put on properly, chest binding can flatten your chest effectively without posing any significant health hazards. If you are having any back pain or trouble breathing, do not hesitate to see a medical professional.

Some friendly reminders:

  • Do not wear your binder for longer than 8 hours
  • Regularly wash or air-dry your binder
  • Designate a weekly day without your binder
  • Don’t sleep in your binder
  • Do not use duct tape to bind your chest
  • Don’t put your binder in the dryer as it may shrink

Please feel free to email us for any questions!

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